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                    MBBR Biofilter Media Extrusion Line

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                    MBBR Biofilter Media Extrusion Line

                    Product Info:
                    MBBR Biofilter Media Extrusion Line
                    Application: sewagewater treatment machine
                    diameter: 10-25mm
                    Material: HDPE
                    Product description: MBBR Biofilm carrier, Kaldnes filter media, MBBR bio filter media,MBBR media.

                    GB-SJ65/28 series MBBR biofilter media extrusion line are mainly used for the multi holes MBBR, PE multi-holes pipes extruding with small sizes, it is used for filter, purification etc.
                    the MBBR extrusion machine has the characters of low noise, high capacity and just need small size of space. Which can save the producing cost for customer greatly.
                    the PE MBBR extrusionn line can make double PE pipes output at the same time.
                    Raw material of the extruder should be HDPE granules.
                    MBBR biofilter media production line includes the following major parts:

                    Machine Name
                    Quantity Remarks
                    1 Vacuum Loader
                    300 model
                    2 Hopper dyrer
                    3 GB-SJ65/28 Single Screw Extruder
                    ABB inverter, Siemens PLC
                    4 HDPE MBBR pipe moulds
                    4Cr13, two cavities
                    Vacuum cooling tank
                    two cavities
                    6 Water cooling trough
                    two cavities
                    7 Haul off machine
                    ABB inverter
                    8 Flying cutting machine
                    ABB inverter
                    9 Storage silo

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